Website Installation in Surga Hosting

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Website installation is done, if you already have hosting and domain and have connected the nameservers.

Well, at this time, we will provide a Guide on How to Easily and Completely Install a Website for you. So just follow. Please, follow the guide later.

For those of you who have purchased Hosting and purchased Domains at Hosting Heaven, there is no need to Change Nameservers. Because it is directly connected between the domain to our hosting.

If not, you can also order hosting as well as a domain at Heaven Hosting, please click

Well, after we activate your domain. To be able to use it, it is necessary to wait for the Propagation process no later than 1 × 24 hours. God willing, it could be faster. You can check the propagation time at

If you have the Propagation process, you can directly install the website, without the need to update the nameservers. So it can be directly installed for the WordPress website. Just follow the guide below later to install the website.

However, for those who buy Hosting at Heaven Hosting but buy Domains at other providers. Then you have to Change Nameservers and Connect Domain Nameservers to our Hosting.

Note: Nameservers can only be connected after the Hosting Package that you have purchased, we activate.

Additional Notes: Make sure to Update Nameserver to Nameserver Defaults Server that you have purchased. Because different servers have different nameserver defaults.

If the nameservers have been changed and updated on a domain that has been purchased from another provider, then the Propagation Process is needed no later than 1×24 Hours. Please check the propagation process at

Well, if you have, then you have just installed your website. Follow the following guide, to install it.

Here are the steps for installing Webiste:

1.) Please login to cPanel

to login cPanel Server US, please click the link -> Login cPanel Server US
to login cPanel Server Singapore, please click the link -> Login cPanel Server Singapore

please login using the username and password that we have sent in the email to login.

2.) After logging in to cPanel, please scroll down to the software column and select “Softaculous Apps Installer” or just type in the column “Softaculous” then click

3.) Then enter Softacoulus Apps Installer and its many apps. Well, Please ->> select WordPress and click Install

4.) Go to Filling Form for Website Installation

Here’s the Guide:

– Choose the version you want to install : Fill in the Latest Version of WordPress

– Choose Installation URL: fill in your domain
on choose protocol: fill with https://
on choose domain: fill with domain name
in in directory: please leave it blank (Remove wp writing, make it empty)

– Site Settings:
Site Name: Fill in your Web Name
Site Description : Fill in your description
Enable Multisite (WPMU): leave it blank

– Admin Account: This is to login to your website later like ->
Admin Username: fill in the free username
Admin Password: fill in the Free Password (which you remember)
Admin email: fill in your email or

– Choose Language: Free, can be Indonesian or English

– Select Plugin: Can be checked or left blank.
because later it can be arranged on your admin website

– Limit Login Attempts (Loginizer): can be checked if admin login wants to be limited.
That is, for example, left for a long time and there is nothing to do. Then wp admin automatically logs out, so that others don’t use it wrong.

– Classic Editor: can be checked To Post or create a page (page)

– wpCentral – Manage Multiple WordPress: leave it blank, don’t check it

– Advanced Options: Leave the defaults unadjusted

– Theme: Free, later can be changed or set on the wp admin website

If so, please just click Install

Then the website is ready to use. If the process has been completed, a page to login wp admin of your website will appear.

Well, so that your website is safe when accessed, then you need to install SSL and activate the Really Simple SSL Plugin for Security of Access to Your Website.

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